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Maximilian Lakitsch, Susanne Reitmair-Juárez, Katja Seidel (Eds.)
Bellicose Entanglements 1914
The Great War as a Global War
Reihe: Dialog
Bd. 68, 2015, 280 S., 9.80 EUR, 9.80 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90655-7

The First World War is often described as a regional war with few repercussions beyond Europe. However, by the dawn of the 20th century, global political and economic entanglements of empires and nation states had reached unprecedented dimensions. Consequently, the war affected the lives of millions of combatants and civilians alike: politically, socially and culturally.

This book shifts the Eurocentric focus of Europeans fighting and dying on European battlefields to a broader, global perspective. With local accounts and perceptions ranging from Argentina to Afghanistan, from Iran to Senegal, the volume sheds light on the multitude of contributions to and consequences of the First World War all around the world.

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